Door Sill Protectors

From TOYOTA 86 to GR 86

The 86, born to deliver the joy of driving to a growing multitude of fans, aims for the next level… Those who have not yet experienced it… are sure to find it more intuitive. More direct. More comfortable.

Door Sill Protectors

Excitement at Any Speed Bringing out the True Joy of Driving

Lightweight, compact, with a low center-of-gravity. The horizontally opposed 2.4L four-cylinder engine equipped with D-4S direct injection technology, creates acceleration power. Smooth, stress-free sensations from low to high rpms. Smooth response to every tap on the accelerator. Enjoy the sense of power at any speed.

Door Sill Protectors

Driving Becomes a Conversation with the Car

Based on an extremely low center-of-gravity front engine and rear-wheel-drive layout, the hip-point of the vehicle helps lower the center of gravity and enhance cornering. The body rigidity was enhanced to maximize handling performance and bring you driving pleasure in any speed range


There is more than meets the eye


Multi-Information Display

Complementing the GR86’s thrilling drive is an abundance of technology that enhances the experience for you and your passenger. The engine roars into life with the push of a button and all the information you need is shown clearly through a multi-information display.


Inside Corolla XSE

6-speed Automatic Transmission

The “D” position provides smooth shifting while selecting “SPORT” mode or the “M” position, directly transmitting engine torque using the lock-up control through the full range of the 2nd to 6th gears, providing a linear response when using the accelerator.

Inside Corolla XSE

Front & Rear Suspension

Equipped with a lightweight and highly rigid MacPherson strut system, the front suspension utilizes a layout that provides a "low center of gravity" and "low inertia" in order to maximize the potential of the "Horizontally opposed engine +FR” system.