Keep it running smoothly

Toyota vehicles are built to provide Toyota owners a peace of mind and safe assurance as an experience of owning a Toyota vehicle. All vehicles sold by Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. are given guarantee that a properly maintained vehicle will operate under normal conditions within the warranty coverage.

Should there be any failure caused by manufacturing defect, the repair will be done free of charge.

Inside Corolla XSE

Toyota Service Advantage

It is without doubt that Toyota technicians are the best suitable technicians to work for your Toyota vehicle as they are trained and certified by Toyota Motor Corporation standards. As vehicle systems and functionalities became more complex, so are the training required to work with them. Our Toyota Technicians are trained specially to work with the computers using Toyota certified diagnosis tools to discover the problems in your car and that is one of our Toyota Service Advantage

Inside Corolla XSE

Toyota Express Maintenance

When your vehicle needs a service, don’t let it slow you down. Toyota Express Maintenance offers everything to get you moving. You get Quality Service without the wait. So you can get in, get out and get on your way. Toyota Express Maintenance available on appointment basis in three service centers: 1. Wakrah. 2. Al Rayyan 3. Abu Hamour

Inside Corolla XSE

Awards & Recognition

Embracing a mindset of KAIZEN (Continuous improvement) we have accomplished several milestones : - Toyota Service achieved Customers Satisfaction Excellence Award (CSEA) on Five consecutive years since 2012 - All Service Centers are Toyota Standard Workshop Management (TSM) Certified


Toyota Mobile Service Van

We made it easier, faster and more convenient at your door step. Our Toyota Service Van equipped with all right equipment and tools to provides variety of services from Periodical Maintenance to minor repairs with the same quality and standard as any of our Toyota Service Centers. Toyota Mobile Service Van available on appointment basis, request your service today.