GR Supra


Engineered as a Sports Car from the Start!

Door Sill Protectors

Supra has always been Toyota’s ultimate sports car since it was first produced in 1978. And now, after many years, the all new fifth generation Supra comes back, with its thrilling performance and exciting design, so that the journey of this legend continues.

Door Sill Protectors

It was engineered not only to accelerate but also to exhilarate. Sensual curves, an athletic stance and expressive LED headlights make the 2020 GR Supra a stunning work of art.

Door Sill Protectors

The Supra gets people talking but its interiors speak of an exciting tale. Its innovative race-bred design offers driving functionality as well as the exhilarating experience of a powerful straight-line 6-cylinder engine.


Tall and wide center console evokes the FR drivetrain for a powerful and high-performance image


The single seater race car inspired seats, along with the driver-centered cockpit, are designed to ensure you are comfortably in control, and one with your Supra


A Pure Sports Car to the Bone


It is powered by a 3.0L inline straight 6 Cylinder front-mounted engine, and a rear-wheel drive 8-speed automatic transmission, the Supra delivers a breath-taking 335HP. To tame such power, the GR Supra is designed for perfect weight distribution and high body rigidity.


Reinforced Chassis for Better Safety