HADO is an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) physical e-sport that uses augmented reality (AR) technology and motion sensors without requiring the player to be bound to a gaming system, controllers, or cables. The digital experience is enabled by an AR device that players wear on their heads and a motion sensor the size of a smartphone worn on the wrist or forearm. Players are able to move unrestricted in the real environment while interacting with the digital items they can see through the AR headset.

AAB – Toyota wants to get away from the usual buyer/seller customer relationship and rather wants to give back to our loyal customers and our community by way of healthy living. As Toyota vehicles are well-known for their advanced technology features including those specifically for comfort and convenience, safety, entertainment and Hybrid, AAB also wants to be the leaders in bringing technology to its Showroom for their customers. Success in this sport depends upon a mix of agility and strategy. Not only is it fun, but it’s a great workout. Unlike traditional gaming, you actually get physically into the game. HADO not only helps to burn your calories but also helps in team building as the game involves strategies to protect them from the energy balls hurled by the opposition.

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